What Is Aromatherapy

Ever heard of aromatherapy? Well, it is nothing new and a lot of people are using it. Basically, it is the practice of using essential oils to boost your psychological and physical well-being.

There are over 90 different types of essentials oils in aromatherapy. Evidence shows that this was first used by the Chinese centuries ago to enhance their well being while the Egyptians used it for cosmetic, fragrant, medicinal and spiritual purposes.

In the centuries that followed, aromatherapy spread from the Far East to Europe. There is clear evidence that shows that during the 14th century when million were afflicted with the Black Plague, herbal preparations helped some avoid the symptoms of this disease.

During the 20th century, separating such essential oils helped create synthetic chemicals and drugs which helped promote modern medicine.

So should we switch to aromatherapy? Not always because there are limits to what it can do for you. It is also not regulated that much compared to pharmaceutical products in the United States so you should be careful when you buy these from the store.

When used properly, you will experience the benefits of aromatherapy. Studies have shown that it stimulates the immune system, strengthens your resistance and helps you fight against certain diseases. It can ease abdominal spasm and constipation, helps you deal with cough, sinusitis or tonsillitis and even helps you relax when you are suffering from muscle aches and pain.

Another thing aromatherapy can do is improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It also reduces stress, alleviate tension headaches and helps you deal with various mood swings.

Despite the different types of oils available, there are only two ways by which you can use it. The first is to inhale it by mixing the essential oil with some water and heating it using a candle or by applying it directly over your skin.

Aromatherapy has other purposes as well. Some of the essential oils are used as household and laundry cleaners. Citronella, serves as a good insect repellant. Believe it not, this can also be used to treat a cut or a minor burn.

The various oils in aromatherapy can be used individually or mixed together creating various concoctions. Sometimes, it takes a bit of trial and error to create the right formula.

One last thing you have to know about aromatherapy is that not all of the essential oils are suitable for use. Some of these should only be handled by a qualified aromatherapy practitioner and these oils include bitter almond, camphor, horseradish, pennyroyal, rue, sassafras and wintergreen.

If you decide to keep them in your home, these must be kept away from children to prevent these from ever being ingested. Since you are dealing with oils, these are flammable so be sure to keep it far away from fire hazards.

You too can experience the benefits of aromatherapy. Before you buy it, consult first an aromatherapy practitioner and only get it from reputable retailers. When you examine the product, don’t get those that have a rubber glass dropper top because this will ruin the content inside the bottle.

To learn more about aromatherapy, read up on it from books and other research material online because believe it or not, some of the essential oils have similar benefits.

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