Help Fight Apathy With Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Apathy has become a major issue in society. As individuals, we are constantly bombarded with negativity from work, home, or even a simple outing. We are handed stress related issues in our lives and after a time we can become apathetic to even the most important aspects of our lives. Being apathetic only serves to worsen your mood and it can make you feel spiritually down.

Using essential oils in aromatherapy can greatly enhance your mood and help you battle against those apathetic feelings. Apathy is a downward spiral for any professional especially if you own your own business. The pressures of the day need to be warded off to eliminate apathy that can overcome someone who is having an incredibly bad day.

Increased apathy eventually leads to increased levels of stress, and the situation can lower your energy and it can harm your health. Nothing every good becomes from apathy, so focusing on eliminating the apathy and increasing your mood will benefit you in all aspects of your life. Essential oils in aromatherapy will immediately start to increase your mood and make you feel more refreshed each day.

You can use essential oils in your home or office. When used in your office, apathy seems to fade away even during stressful times. Essential oils are not only safe and effective, but they are a natural way to rid your body of harmful emotional toxins. Essential oils used in the office as a pleasant scent throughout the day will help to keep your emotional stress levels at bay so you will be at the best performance possible for your coworkers and customers.

Use essential oil in aromatherapy for the home to help you and your family members wind down from the day or keep spirits high for others that are there for the day. The aromatherapy is safe for your children, and the sweet scents can be enjoyed by all ages. Even children go through tough times and they too can be affected by apathy. Using essential oils in the home can help all your family members fight off apathy and provide them with a happier, healthier lifestyle.

The following essential oils can be used individually for their respective benefits. Used in combination, though, and these essential oils can be a potent eliminator of harmful emotional downs.


Basil is a strengthening herb that can liberate and free you from emotional constraints. Basil is a powerful essential oil that helps you spiritually clear your mind, and it gives you clarity to concentrate more effectively. Basil has a long track record of having natural medicinal purposes that dates back to ancient history.


Grapefruit is a popular combination with other essential oils for its refreshing fragrance that seems to immediately improve moods and boost energy levels. The citrus smell helps wake you up from the night’s sleep and gives you the energy to tackle the day.


Peppermint is known for its cool, refreshing scent that clears your thoughts and opens your mind. It aids in your overall concentration, so it is a good essential oil for your office or home during the day. Peppermint has an everlasting soothing effect, and it can be used in burners or even a bath to quickly alleviate the day’s stress and relieve any aches and pains. Peppermint is an extremely powerful essential oil, and it should be used by adults only for its potent effects.

While each of these oils can benefit you individually, the combination will quickly remove negative thoughts and help initiate a positive attitude. Essential oils are a safe, effective way to remove the apathy from your daily life. As apathy leaves your emotions, you will find yourself in a better state of mind and you may even see your own health increase. Enhancing your mood will can also help keep your relationships more healthy and keep you emotionally stable.

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