Aromatherapy Diffuser Helps Disperse Oils’ Benefits

To quickly spread the benefits of scented oils throughout a room, many rely on an aromatherapy diffuser to heat the oil, sending the scent into the air. Whether the use an electric power diffuser or one using a candle to heat the oil, the effects are similar in promoting the oils release into the air.

An advantage of an aromatherapy diffuser heated with a candle is that a candle with the same scent can be used in the base to increase the aroma being sent into the air. With the candle lighted, oil in the top of the diffuser is heated and dissipated through the air. The down side of candle powered aromatherapy diffusers is it can be dangerous to fall asleep while the candle remains lit.

Using an electric aromatherapy diffuser is considered safer and many come with a timer so it can be turned off automatically in the event that the scent relaxes you so much that you fall asleep. The disadvantage is that you will have to keep it near an outlet, whereas a candle lit diffuser is more portable.

Diffuser Style To Fit Every Taste

There are many different sizes and shapes of aromatherapy diffusers and there will be one that fits in with every home décor as well as personal taste. For those who hesitate to heat the oils they can use a small fan diffuser, which blows air through a pad soaked in essential oils. Some have a timer to start the fan at preset intervals to allow the oil in the pad to last longer.

There are aromatherapy diffusers that work as a ceramic ring placed on a light bulb. They contain a small trough around the circumference of the ring into which the oil is poured. With the light turned on the ceramic ring is heated, causing the aroma of the oil to be spread throughout the house.

Additionally, an aromatherapy diffuser that plugs into the lighter of the vehicle can heat essential oils to keep your car fresh while traveling. There are oil holders that clip on the interior vents of the vehicle as well that work as an aromatherapy diffuser.

Since peppermint and lemon are known in aromatherapy circles to promote alertness, using these oils in an aromatherapy diffuser in your vehicle may help keep you alert while on the road. However, since lavender promotes relaxation, its use in your vehicle is not recommended.

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