Aromatherapy Bath Products Help Cleanse The Mind

There are few things more relaxing than lounging in a tub of hot water while the troubles and cares of day simply wash away. Many enjoy the addition of an aromatherapy bath product to heighten their senses and make the time more sensual and enjoyable. Whether it is simply a candle burning in the bathroom or fragrant bath salts, adding an aromatherapy bath product while bathing can make the experience either more relaxing or invigorating.

Lavender is the aroma most people associate with relaxation and it is probably the most popular aromatherapy bath product. However, scents such as rosemary, tangerine and peppermint are also known for their calming or mind stimulating effects. Additionally, not everyone stops at the bath salts, opting instead to also light a candle featuring the same essence.

There are also bath soaps that can be found in many of the same fragrances to complement the salts and the candle, surrounding the person with the same sensations. Tea bags containing herbs and flowers are also popular as an aromatherapy bath product. When using these, the entire bag is placed in the bath water. This releases the effects of the spices, as well as the aroma, to aid relaxation.

Dry Skin With Aromatic Oil

People with dry skin have found that drying with a towel following a bath generally makes their condition worse. Instead, they will use a moisturizing oil and apply it to their skin, which essentially displaces the water and is absorbed to help heal the dryness. An aromatic bath product of lotion mixed with essential oils can act like a soothing massage following any bath or shower.

When climbing into the tub with sore or tired muscles, bath salts with ginger have been shown to help. Being able to completely relax and allow the ginger oils to soak into the muscles will also them relax and alleviate the pain from fatigue. Peppermint is also good for tired muscles as well as many surface skin problems. It also works as a natural insect repellent. Plus it is said to help memory and concentration.

Body scrubs, shower gels and shampoos are all available as an aromatherapy bath product with each blended to provide the desired effect with different herbs and spices. Most are available with the complementing aroma in candles, oils for diffusers as well as in body and massage lotions for a complete aromatherapy session.

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