Miami Day Spas: The Aqua Spa at Delano Hotel is Worth a Visit

If you feel the need to be pampered and you also want to get a massage that allows you to unwind and relax, or if you just need to get a good manicure or even facial and want to know which the best Miami day spas are then at least one place will provide you with all of these things. In fact, one of the better places that you must visit is the Aqua Spa which is located at the Delano Hotel on Collins Avenue on Miami Beach.

Relax, Feel Peaceful, and Enjoy the Spa Treatment

The Aqua Spa is certainly the right place to go if you need to relax, find peace and wish to enjoy the pleasure of the excellent spa treatments of which there are many that you can choose from. In addition, here you will get a wonderful view of South Beach and there is even a private terrace where you can relax all by yourself. However, this Miami day spas is not a co-ed spa and so, women can only visit from between nine in the morning and seven in the evening while men’s timings are Wednesday through to Monday from half past seven in the morning till eleven at night.

You will surely also appreciate the outstanding décor of this Miami day spas and the vibe too is special to the Delano Hotel and in addition, you will also get to sight quite a few celebrities who are frequent visitors here. You should expect to find warmth in the treatment you are meted and the feeling is certainly fuzzy which means a day spent in this Miami day spas will make you feel super special. You won’t be rushed about and the staff will address by your proper name and you will also be waited upon almost as if you were royalty.

It you are a lady who wants to have her hair cut at this Miami day spas, you can expect to spend an hour in the hairdresser’s salon and at the end of it you will be about hundred and twenty dollars lighter though the cut will certainly be to your liking. If you want facial done, you can also expect to spend another hour and the one for men also costs, it is believed, one hundred twenty dollars though it will address the entire specific needs of their skins.

A visit to Aqua Spa is well worth the time and money that you spend. This Miami day spas will help provide you with much needed stimulation and you will also be hydrated and in addition, you will get some welcome de-stressing that also includes things such as application of hot towels and extraction.

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