Aromatherapy: What Is In The Essential Oils?

Aromatherapy relies greatly on essential oils. The thought is that these oils that are extracted from plants can help in the production of good moods and improved thoughts. They can also help in the founding of physical wellness. If you are hurt, you can often find help in the use of aromatherapy. Yet, how this works is quite amazing. Through the smell of these oils, your body triggers healing, it helps to improve the mind, and it can help to improve your mood as well. And, believe it or not, aromatherapy is scientifically proven.

But, what is inside all of those different essential oil products in aromatherapy? Learning what you can get from these oils is important. Here are some of the aspects that you will find in the aromatherapy products that you purchase.

  • Essential Oils: These oils are taken from a plant. It can be done in one of several methods including through distillation (the most common method) and through expression. In addition, a solvent can help to extract them as well. This makes up a substantial amount of what goes into your bottle.
  • Absolutes: Another type of oil, this one is extracted from the flowers. It can also come from the plant tissues. It is extracted from solvent use or through supercritical fluid as in a rose.
  • Hydrosols: Most of the time, these by products are not good smelling and are not often used in the final product. They come from the distillation process. For example in rosewater. You will likely find them used in chamomile and rose products.
  • Phytoncides: These are organic compounds that are actually able to kill microorganisms. They can help in providing the healing aspects.
  • Carrier Oils: Triacylglycerides are oily plant bases that are used in aromatherapy products. Their job is to help in diluting the essential oils enough so that they are effective yet not too strong or overpowering to the skin.
  • Infusions: These are extracts of various types of plant material. They are infused into the product for your use.

Learning about what is in aromatherapy can help you to see just how the process benefits you. Aromatherapy has a lot of very common plants in it. Yet, how those plants are used is what makes the most difference in the long run. Seeing what is in those bottles can help you to see why they would benefit you if you use them.

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