How to Use Effective Aromatherapy for Babies

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries as a means for both emotional and physical well being. While aromatherapy products and oils can be extremely effective in treating adults for a variety of issues, it has been found that certain types of aromatherapy for babies can be helpful as well.

If you are considering using aromatherapy for your baby, it is important that you understand which oils are safe for use with young children and how you should use them. Because of the difference in size and maturity, the aromatherapy that works well for and adult might not work for a baby and could even be dangerous if not used properly. However, by exercising a degree of care, you can provide aromatherapy for your baby that will aid him in a variety of discomforts and issues.

Which Types of Aromatherapy Work for Babies?

Before you run out to purchase aromatherapy oils to use for your baby, keep in mind that the best oils to use are essential oils as opposed to synthetic ones. This means that your aromatherapy oils came directly from the source – the plant that provides the oil naturally. Synthetic oils may be less expensive, but they can also cause headaches, skin irritations and allergic reactions. Hardly the symptoms that you want to be responsible for inducing in your child, no doubt.

Essential oils can be identified on the ingredient list; by the packaging, which is generally a dark bottle that will preserve the oil best; and by the price, which is generally a bit higher than that of man-made products.

One of the best aromatherapy oils for babies is lavender, which can be used to calm a fussy baby and encourage sleep. You can put a drop on a tissue near where your baby eats or sleeps, or add a drop or two to the evening bath for maximum relaxation benefits.

Another good aromatherapy oil for babies is eucalyptus, because this oil can be effective in clearing nasal congestion or soothing a cough. If you decide to use eucalyptus oil for your baby, make sure that you select eucalyptus smithi instead of eaucalyptus globulus, since this is the only type of eucalyptus oil that has been proven safe for children. The best way to use this oil is to place a bowl of boiling water under the crib, and add two or three drops of the eucalyptus oil to the water.

Finally, chamomile is another good aromatherapy for babies, and can be used with the lavender for a soothing bath or even as a relief from teething pain. To use chamomile for this purpose, add a drop to a washcloth that is wrapped around an ice cube, and apply to the sore gums. A chamomile bath is also thought to calm a baby’s tantrum, helping the little one to fall asleep more easily after an emotional display.

Keep in mind that you do not need to use much oil at all when it comes to aromatherapy for babies, and essential oils are always preferable to synthetic ones. There are also a number of products on the market, such as lotions, shampoos and massage oils that have been created especially for a baby’s sensitive skin, and can be very effective in bringing about the desired results.

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