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The Basic Essential Oils

BASIL Basil, sometimes called ‘sweet basil’ or ‘holy basil,’ is an aromatic herb with yellow-green leaves and tiny white flowers, yielding a watery, pale yellow essential oil. It has a sweet, light mint aroma with hints of licorice or anise, giving it a spicy, fThe ruity, balsamic fragrance. Oil of basil is similar to oil … Read More


Reducing Stress With Essential Oils

Reducing stress is probably one of the major afflictions that most people attempt to reduce in their daily lives. Stress is a contributing factor to illness in disease in busy people who do not take the time to relieve their bodies of the stress that accumulates throughout the day. Essential oils used in aromatherapy help … Read More


Help Fight Apathy With Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Apathy has become a major issue in society. As individuals, we are constantly bombarded with negativity from work, home, or even a simple outing. We are handed stress related issues in our lives and after a time we can become apathetic to even the most important aspects of our lives. Being apathetic only serves to … Read More