Day Spa Services For Men

When many of us think of day spas, women are often the first thing that comes to mind. However, did you know that men are also encouraged to visit day spas? If you are a man, you may be thinking that the last place you want to be is in a spa filled with women, but you may actually be surprised with the services that are available to you.

For starters, it is important to know that many day spas also double as salons. This often leads to the name of a day spa and salon. If you are interested in getting your haircut, but if you are also looking for a change, you may want to visit your local day spa and salon. In addition to haircuts, many also give you free consultations. Beard and mustache trimming and shaping is another common service offered. You may be able to receive a discounted price when this is combined with a haircut.

Hair removal is another common service for men that is offered at most day spas. While hair can be removed from just about any part of the body, day spas often offer services for the back, shoulders, stomach, hands, and feet. Although prices will vary, you should be prepared to pay more for back hair removal, as the area is much larger in size.

As for the spa treatments, you may wish to undergo a hand treatment. When doing so, your hands are often covered in lotions and oils and then covered with a heated mitten. This helps to prevent cracked and dry skin. Although this service may sound “female,” in nature, it may be just what you need. Do you work with your hands all day? Are you in the construction trade? If so, a hand treatment may do you wonders. Often times, nail cutting is provided as a complimentary service.

As with using your hands, do you also stay on your feet all day? Those who work in construction or retail often do. If you do, it is time for you to pamper your feet and make them feel as good as new. With a foot treatment, you will first have your feet cleaned and then an exfoliating scrub will be used. This will help to get rid of any rough or dry skin patches that you may have on your feet. Complimentary nail clipping may also be offered.

A facial cleanse is another spa service that you may want to examine. Once again, cleanses are often associated with women, but there are many benefits that you can reap from undergoing one. During a facial cleanse, you will often have warm towels applied to the skin. This makes it easier for a cleaner to do its job. If extra services are offered, you may also be able to get a neck, shoulder, and face rub. Please note that even if you have facial hair, you can still get undergo and benefit from a facial cleanse.

As previously stated, neck, face, and shoulder massages are sometimes included in the cost of a facial cleanse. Full body massages are another service that is commonly offered by day spas. Massages are a great way to reduce the stress and tension that you may be feeling from raising a family or working full-time. Most men, like yourself, will opt for a traditional massage, but you do have other options. Herbal messages, that use aromatherapy scents, and hot stones are also popular.

As you can see, there are a number of salon and day spa services and procedures that are perfect for men. You can contact one of your local spas to see what other services are available. Should you like more than one of the above mentioned services and procedures, you may want to inquire about spa packages. They often result in you receiving a small discount. Make your gender known, as some spas have day packages that are tailored to men, just like you!

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