Category: Essential Oils and Health


Ways To Use Essential Oils

In aromatherapy, the benefits of essential oils are experienced two ways – through inhalation or topical application to skin. Essential oils are not ingested in self-therapy, especially by a layman, and only in rare cares under the direction of a licensed medical practitioner. Inhaling an essential oil increases brain frequency, balances right and left brain … Read More


Increase Your Memory With Essential Oils In Aromatherapy

Our memory is one of the most important functions that should be maintained and carefully exercised. Your memory can fade or it can be inhibited from stress, environment, or sickness. Memories can be triggered from certain events as well. Memory also should be exercised to help you increase your ability to retrieve information from long … Read More


How To Choose Essential Oils

When you decide to use essential oils to help your mood, stress, or physical illness it is hard to decide from the many available products which one is right for you. Essential oils come in a variety of scents and fragrances and the different extracts act on different components. Some help your mental fatigue, others … Read More