Aromatherapy Oils Offer Numerous Uses And Benefits

There are different grades of aromatherapy oils with different purposes and different standards, which exist in different countries and the industry is having trouble determining a standard for those grades. There is therapeutic grade, massage and therapy grade, as well as food grade essential aromatherapy oils. While there has been much discussion about the quality and quantity of any given oil and its dilution in other oils or water to determine a set international standards, there has been no consensus for any of the grades.

The aromatherapy oils used are derived from flowers, spices and shrubs and are extracted from the flowers, blooms and roots. To extract the aromatherapy oils several processes are used including distillation by use of steam, squeezing the oil from the outer part of the plant, immersing the plant in hot vegetable oil to absorb the oils and by placing the plant under pressure between glass plates coated with oil.

Aromatherapy oils are used in different ways such as being made into candles and incense and burned, used as massage oil or placed in diffusers or burners to heat the oils in order to disperse the aroma throughout an area. While aromatherapy oils are derived from botanicals, they should never be ingested unless under the supervision of a qualified medical professional or aromatherapist.

Relaxation Is Key To Many Ailments

Anxiety and stress seem to be the most prevalent benefits of aromatherapy oils, although many people claim that by reducing their stress levels, the use of aromatherapy has helped them through other medical conditions. Most medical personnel will not dispute the ability of aromatherapy to improve relaxation; however, they will stop short of giving it any therapeutic value in healing.

For many aromatherapy believers, a perfect end to a stress-filled day would be to soak in a bathtub with lavender aromatherapy oils while lavender scented candles burn filling the room with the relaxing scent. Following the bath, having a massage using lavender oil and then having lavender oils misted onto the bed prior going to sleep. They claims the stress and mental strain of the day simply melts away with all the pampering.

It is possible to purchase aromatherapy oils in different scents and mix them to obtain a mixture of benefits. For example, blending certain oils for relaxation as well as Sandalwood, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang, when used as a massage oil works as an aphrodisiac.

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