True Aromatherapy Skin Care To Stave Off The Signs Of Aging

The use of aromatics for a variety of health related problems is not new as it dates back for several centuries. However, the development of aromatherapy skin care product lines is rapidly becoming a more understood and a more reliable form of natural skin care.

With the human olfactory system able to identify and isolate about 10,000 different scents, good and bad, each scent causes a different reaction in everyone and the use of an aromatherapy skin care product can help erase many of the wrinkles and help restore the appearance of the skin.

That is not to say a person can sniff the wrinkles away, as it is not the aroma that helps erase wrinkle. Rather it is the essential oils used in aromatherapy skin care products that helps smooth out the skin. Aromatherapy uses the essential oils from botanicals in its use in health treatments and many of the scents have been duplicated in the laboratory. While they may smell almost identical to the real essential oils, they lack the therapeutic benefits that the natural oils have.

Consequently, these cheaper, chemically derived alternatives have given some true aromatherapy oils a bad name in that they smell the same as the real thing, yet offer no benefit. A true aromatherapy skin care product, in order to achieve the desired result, should have the essential oils from the plant and not an engineered substitute.

Look For Products To Help Tone The Skin

The biggest issue most of us face due to aging is the body’s lack of production of two key elements, retinol and collagen. Retinol helps the skin’s elasticity and its ability to return to its normal appearance while collagen helps it maintain a youthful appearance and fight the formation of wrinkles. An aromatherapy skin care product using essential oils of the botanicals that supply both of these ingredients can do wonders to erase the signs of aging.

Years of exposure to the sun or harsh, dry conditions can take its toll on the skin and even those who used moisturizers and cleansers may find that their body cannot produce enough retinol and collagen to help it maintain a youthful appearance. Using aromatherapy skin care products with these two ingredients can help slow the appearance of aging and in some instances restore the skin to its younger days. It is matter of defining the amount of damage to the skin and what type of aromatherapy skin care product will provide the best equalizer in fighting the aging battle.

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