Buying Aromatherapy Products and Ingredients

Once you venture into the world of aromatherapy, you’ll quickly realize that as with the many tantalizing scents, there are also numerous purchasing sources. You’ll likely have heard of some of these companies before, but many names will be brand new to you. How can you decide which aromatherapy company is most worthy of your business? Here are some issues to consider.

Just as you would when buying any product you’re not familiar with, it’ll be to your advantage to research the company before opening your wallet. Look for and read the company’s return policy. And, especially when shopping online, make sure you’re able to reach a human being should you need assistance.

Know your prices before you shop. By knowing which oils you would expect to pay more for, such as those considered exotic, you’ll have a better idea whether or not the asking price is accurate. The price of aromatherapy products and ingredients should vary but still should fall within ‘commonly-accepted’ price ranges.

Your shopping experience will be easier if you know about the properties of different aromatherapy ingredients. If you’re a newbie, then you should at least be prepared to explain the goals you’re trying to achieve. Whether you’re looking to relax or whether you’re looking to clear your congestion will drive the decision as to the types of aromatherapy products you should be purchasing.

Watch out for essential oils that are bottled using clear or plastic bottles. Light and plastic can damage and contaminate these oils. Dark-colored glass bottles (amber or dark blue) are best for storage.

Also watch out for dust. Why? An essential oil’s properties and therefore its effectiveness will over time, start to diminish. Dust is a sign that the bottle’s already spent some time on the shelf and perhaps isn’t as fresh as it could be.

The product won’t be pure if it’s made using fragrant oils or perfume. Read the labels because you might not be getting the deal you think you are. When shopping online, read the product descriptions thoroughly. If you don’t have time for the fine print, then it’s not the right time to shop. Plan to shop when you are not rushed.

Whether to shop offline or online is a big question regardless of the product you’re purchasing. There are benefits of both and it really is more a matter of choosing the method you’re most comfortable with.

Of course, the selection you’ll find on the Internet is vast and shopping from the comfort of your own home certainly is easy. And there may not be a conveniently located aromatherapy outlet in your neighborhood which would make online shopping your only choice.

Regardless of where you purchase the products and ingredients you’ll be using for aromatherapy and blending, once you have found a source you’re comfortable with, become a loyal customer. Aromatherapy products are all-natural and as such, consistency is always a challenge. You might find a single source offers your best chance of getting consistent quality.

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