Come to La Costa Resort and Spa and Rub Shoulders with Famous People

La Costa Resort and Spa is certainly a place that has its fair share of celebrities hanging out and whether you are a fan of Tiger Woods, or Lanny Wadkins or want to take heart from the fact that famous actors such as Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope had made this one of their favorite retreats, this hotel has hosted these and many other famous people. In fact, La Costa Resort and Spa is also a place visited often by the PGA who has been coming here for more than thirty years and it has also been the home to World Golf Championships.

Play Against the Best Golf Players

The roster here is compelling and so one can safely say that La Costa Resort and Spa is worth visiting simply because you get a chance that you won’t get anywhere else and that is to pit your wits and skills against the best golf players from all parts of the world. Not too far away is an excellent pair of eighteen hole courses that are located close to San Diego and these courses span more than four hundred acres of land which are complemented with absolutely amazing vistas that makes playing golf a visual treat as well.

As a matter of fact, La Costa Resort and Spa is one of the best vacation destinations and some of the reasons why you should save up enough money and take a trip down here are that you get some excellent golf, tennis and much more. You could enjoy swimming in any of their seven pools and there is also water-slide park and in addition, there are seventeen tennis courts as well a luxurious spa that is contained in about forty-three thousand square feet and which embody the best of colonial Spanish charm.

It may also come as a bit of a surprise to learn that La Costa Resort and Spa is not one resort, but two resorts rolled into one. Some of the other major attractions to this excellent resort include the fitness programs and the outstanding nutritious diets and of course, also because of the excellent golf and tennis facilities.

La Costa Resort and Spa also has approximately four hundred and seventy four rooms of which eighteen are parlor suites, and there are seventy-seven La Costa suites as well as two amazing Presidential suites. All in all, the La Costa Resort and Spa is the ideal destination for a family vacation and it is also ideal for the romantically inclined and whatever is your need, this resort is going to provide you with excellent service and leave you coming back for more.

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