Basic Massage Equipment: Tables, Chairs and Much More…

There are many different types of skin care equipment products available and many good brand names like Earthlite, Silhouet-Tone as well Touch America have a wide range that should meet every need. These companies sell skin care equipment including massage tables, Soli-tone systems, salon tables, massage oils, wet tables, bolsters, Lumicell touch, stools, Vichy showers, headrests, carry cases, wax heaters, and accessories as well as sheets/coverings, and auxiliary tables.

Earthlite Skin Care Equipment

The skin care equipment from Earthlite, which is thought to be the number one brand for massage in the world, brings to you the Avalon massage table which combines excellent value as well as unparalleled performance for the professional masseuse or for students who are serious about learning massage techniques. It is rich in features and is a workhorse table that is good looking as well as durable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Along with the massage table there is also available the Avila massage chair, which is thought to be a very advanced massage chair having unique design features consisting of a smart seat that can automatically lock in place and can fit everyone. There are also three quick-release levers which can be used to give infinite adjustability and create comfort and also provides a perfect fit for the client.

It can be set up very quickly and can be adjusted even when the client is seated in the chair. Also, there is a convenient essential oil well that allows aromatherapy to be a part of the massage and there is also a useful detachable pouch that can hold the client’s jewelry and watches and so puts the client at ease.

For those who wish to have skin care in their homes, there is another piece of skin care equipment from Earthlite that is called the Calistoga Portable, which provides the client with salon treatment in their own homes. It has interchangeable head and footrests that enable the client to be positioned in the prone or supine position and is ideal for use in facials, reflexology, wet treatments and massages. This piece of skin care equipment also has squeak-proof legs that do not weigh more than 44 pounds and so provides for easy transportability.

There is also skin care equipment called the Everest Lift which is a very quiet lift table that has an open design allowing maximum leg and knee room and also keeping exceptional strength as well as stability that does not require much maintenance and is luxuriously upholstered with rounded corners. This equipment also allows for ideal positioning of the client and is very comfortable for the client as well as for the therapist. It comes with a matching stool as well.

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